Which is the Better Option: National Hair Transplant Company or Private Hair Transplant Doctor?

Are you looking for a reputable hair restoration doctor? Who you adopt as a physician will determine how natural and full your hair will be for the rest of your life, If done properly, hair transplant can provide a lifetime of confidence. But if done poorly, the unnatural appearing results will be far worse than the thought of being bald. That is why it is important to go for top notch physicians.

Unfortunately, many well-known national hair transplant companies are unable to dedicate the time needed in mastering and performing the procedure successfully.

National Hair Transplant Company vs. Private Hair Transplant Doctor.

In order to compare the services of the two providers, we identified the re-known practitioners, Hair Club in Las Vegas and Dr. Nelson.

Hair Club is a popular follicle restoration center that was developed to deal with problems related to hair loss over the years, the company has managed to gain huge presence due to heavy marketing Dr. Nelson on the hand is a renowned private hair transplant surgery expert. He has continually dedicated his efforts towards proving custom tailored hair loss treatment for both men and women in a comfortable and private environment.

Between the two, Hair Club Las Vegas and Dr. Nelson, who do you think is the better practitioner? Stay tuned to find out.

From a general outlook, Hair Club seems to be the better hair transplant practitioner. But this is far from reality. Let us examine why.

It is true that Hair Club Company is a large group that is well established. But one thing one thing you have to understand about large groups is that they have the ability to buy public opinion through heavy advertisements. As a result, their seemingly powerful market presence does not equate to superior hair transplant results. In general, Hair Club simply serves as a “hair mill,” it regards only its bottom line transplant results.

On the other hand, Dr. Nelson doesn’t have the huge resources needed in creating a brand name. His remarkable reputation solely relies on the expertise and positive results, Dr. Nelson’s knowledge and expertise is based on a breakthrough methodology that minimizes graft trauma. The more grafts that survive, the better your hair transplant outcome.

Secondly, the reason why Hair Club Las Vegas serves a large hair transplant company is because, it mainly focuses on getting as many patients in its door as possible. When you start aiming towards numbers, the quality of your procedure reduces. A large number of patients results to an overwhelmed staff which further equates to mediocre results. Mediocrity is definitely not what you’re shooting for when it comes to satisfactory hair transplant.

When we look at private hair transplant doctors, the personalized approach given to patients does not provide room for mediocrity. Over the years, Dr. Nelson has succeeded by ensuring that expectations of clients are met and exceeded. He has managed to achieve this by finding the right hair solution which bias towards any particular solution.

With that said Why Go Private?

The hair solutions provided are highly specialized than those provided by national hair transplant companies.

You do not have to deal with long patient waiting list which means you can serve on time.

Private hair restoration doctors are patient focused rather than commercially focused. They dedicate their time on individual hair care and optimal results. This is not the case with many national hair transplant companies which emphasize on revenue, speed and volume.

In Summary…

It is important to remember that just because a practice claims to be one of the largest doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best. Results have proven that large practices do not do not employ less ethical physicians who make it impossible to attain satisfactory results.

On the hand, we have the private hair restoration physicians who primarily focus on providing a personalized and holistic approach in their practice. The end results natural, healthy and long lasting hair matches your lifestyle.

So, in the battle of national hair transplant company vs. private hair transplant doctor, the latter takes a home run with ability to provide personalized care and experience. This brings us to our previous question, between Hair Club in Las Vegas and Dr. Nelson, who is better hair transplant practitioner? The results speak for themselves. If you looking for a professional and personally customized solution, then Dr. Nelson is your “go to” practitioner.

Other Reasons that Qualify Dr. Nelson.

As we mentioned earlier, Dr. Nelson is one of the hair transplant practitioners out there. He is a certified doctor and has undergone through the basic surgical training required in providing a holistic approach towards hair restoration. Whether you’re suffering from alopecia, balding or hair loss. Dr. Nelson is the man for the job.

Dr. Nelson also specializes in temple angle closures, natural airlines, dense packing, eyebrow restoration and use of regenerative technologies in hair restoration. He offers free scalp analysis and confidential consultation. He also is happy to offer educational information on the hair restoration process, discuss the cost of hair transplants, financing options, and methods to assist stop the hair loss. His grafts are 100% guaranteed to grow.

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